Studio179 Membership Support Program

Studio179 Membership Support Program

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Need help with your Squarespace website? We offer one-off or more regular support.

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Whether you're an independent start-up, aspiring blogger or a full service agency (and anything in between!) we can help take your Squarespace site to the next level with one-off or more regular support.

How we can help

Web Development

We have years of experience in website development. If you have an idea for your site, no matter how crazy, we can make it happen.


Image & video Optimisation

Having issues with a slow loading website? The size of your images and videos might be the issue, we can optimise them for kick-ass load times.


Launch check

Just made your new Squarespace site? Want to make sure it's 100% ready to launch? We can check it for you and fix any issues.

Squarespace SEO

We can make sure your site is getting the most out of Squarespace's awesome built-in SEO & show you how to maintain it.


Multilingual content

We have built a custom multilingual plugin that we can use to give your users the ability to experience your website in their native language. 



If your site runs into any issues that you and the Squarespace Support Team can't fix, let us know! We might just be able to solve it.

Website Audit

Want to make sure your site is running at 100%? We can run through every element of your site and make sure you're getting the most out of Squarespace.


3rd Party Integration

There are plenty of awesome websites and applications that you can embed onto your website. This is something that we can do for you.


Project Support

Starting an in-house Squarespace project? We can be on hand to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Content & product upload

Uploading content to your site is super important. We can do that for you and make sure that everything reads correctly and looks great.


Platform Migration

Not on Squarespace yet? Why wait any longer! We can help you migrate your website and content over to Squarespace with minimal hassle. 


Public Relations

How we work



First we make sure we know what the problem is. This may involve a phone call or a skype call and we might need access to your site. From here we can see the problem and let you know the best course of action to fix it.


Soft Fix

Once we know what needs fixing and we have an idea on how to fix it, we will run a few tests and try a few soft fixes using Google Chrome inspect Element. This can tell us a lot about how the site it behaving.


Hard Fix

If the soft fix stage is successful then we will implement it onto your site and test it has indeed fixed the problem. If the soft fix did not work then we will need access to your site to do more testing to fix the problem. After finding the issues we will fix it and perform the relevent testing afterwards. 


Sign off

After we have made the fix we will let you know and you can test it for yourself. When you are happy that the issue has been fixed then we can sign off on the project. You will receive a 2 week grace period after the sign off to make sure that the issues does not come back. If it does then we will fix it.

One-time support


We have years of experience in designing, developing, coding and maintaining Squarespace websites. We'd love to work on your site!

  • Content upload (images & text)

  • SEO aduit & monitoring

  • Image & video optimisation

  • Custom coding / development

  • Mobile device optimisation

  • General website mainienance

Member Support


Get more regular support / maintenance at a reduced rate by joining our Membership Support scheme, perfect for businesses & busy individuals.

  • Tailored monthly support & maintenance package

  • Dedicated hours in our schedule

  • 24/7 priority support via email, phone and chat

  • Pre-launch access to new products & services

  • Membership discount in 'Studio 179' (coming soon!)

  • 2 hours per month min.