Digital Marketing & Social Media

Digital Marketing & Social Media

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We help brands create and execute a social media and content strategy that aligns with their biggest goals. Need someone to tend to your blog? Grow your followers on Instagram? Create juicy posts that actually gets your business noticed? Check, check and check. 

Do you spend too much time staring at a blank screen trying to conjure up a blog post and still end up with nothing?

Do you add a random slew of hashtags at the end of an Instagram caption because that’s what you’re “supposed to do”?

Do you send out weekly emailers to your database without really having anything to say?

Hiring an 18-year-old intern to run your social media because she has 21k followers on Instagram is not going to cut it. Staying relevant means developing a seamless omni-channel content marketing experience — from your blog posts, digital copy, right down to your day-to-day social media execution.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help. 

We’re not just here so you can have a pretty Instagram feed. We work with you to develop a bespoke strategy suited for your business goals, refined to target the customers you want to engage with. Whether you’re cracking open the content marketing can for the first time, or you’ve been on the struggle train for a while, our team will recommend the package that best suits your business needs AND your budget! 

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Basic Social Package

Dip your toes, try us out, and we promise you’ll get addicted. Perfect for a small business needing to test the waters of content marketing

Basic Social Package

Basic Social Package

*Minimum One Month Commitment rates, please email for more details.

1 Blog Post weekly |

1 Post on Instagram daily |

1 Re-post on Facebook daily |

Deluxe Package

Drive up brand awareness and ultimately, sales for your SME or brand. 

Deluxe Package

*Minimum 3 months commitment. for rates, please email for more details.

1 EDM monthly |

2 Blog Posts Weekly |

2 Posts on Instagram daily, curated and sourced by our team |

1 Post Facebook daily |

15 minutes of engagement on 1 chosen social media platform daily |

Bi-weekly progress report on 2-3 key performance indicators |


Perfect for a business that is looking for a killer impact in their Omni- channel customer experience. Let’s make magic!


*Minimum 3 Month Commitment. for rates, please email for more details.

2 EDMs monthly |
2 Blog Posts Weekly |
2 Posts on Instagram daily with bespoke images created by our photographers for your brand* |
2 Posts Facebook daily |
20 minutes of engagement & community management on all platforms daily |
Bi-weekly progress report on 3-4 key performance indicators |

*Ask us how we can customise our Ultimate Package to meet your needs!