Creative Consultation - Retainer

Creative Consultation - Retainer


*Minimum One Month Commitment (rates, please email for more details.

We create beautiful digital experiences that help brands grow faster. 

We have noticed that many of our 300+ clients face the same set of problems - but they tend to look for solutions at all the wrong places. 

Website not optimised? Let's hire a team in a third world country to take care of it on the cheap. (Very risky!)

Branding not aligned? Let's hire a fresh-faced designer who can hack together a logo and colour scheme in an afternoon. (Not a great idea!)

Social media presence required? Let's hire a 19-year old intern to throw some hashtags around and get done with it. (Definitely not a good idea!)

The result? Your brand experience looks inconsistent, cheap and unprofessional to your customers.

So, we figured, what if we could make it easy for our clients to create a digital strategy + web presence that drives real results - while minimising the time, money and effort they need to make it happen? That's exactly what we do at Studio 179 Creative. 

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We Are Studio 179 Creative...

At Studio 179, we don't look at your business as a collection of disjointed parts. We create a compelling digital strategy that unifies your major touch-points - so that you can present a consistent brand experience for your customers.