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We have a small but mighty team that is devoted to serving the ultimate mission of Studio179: To reframe success on our own terms, and give women the tools they need to get there. And that’s the unique lens through which we look at every partnership opportunity. We think about how it can ultimately help our reader, seeing our partners as the transaction points, and providers of the tools that will help this woman further her journey and enrich her experience.  


Case Studies

Here are a few of the partnerships we’re most proud of.



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Original Content Creation

  • Custom Social Posts

  • Original Photography

  • Original longform content

  • Editorial Integration

  • Social Story-telling

  • Original Courses

  • Influencer Programs


  • Sponsor a Studio179 Grant Recipient

  • Custom Grant Underwriter

  • Studio179 Foundation Donor



  • Sponsored Show

  • Co-Developed Show

  • Custom Episode

  • Ad Mention


  • Custom Events

  • Sponsored Events

  • Original Activations


  • Newsletter Sponsorships

  • Ownerships of Specials

  • Dedicated Emails



We like to partner with game changing brands that have a shared mission of providing a better reality for our community of Girls partnered with some of the biggest brands in a variety of industries. And this is only the beginning for Girlboss…


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